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Carol Costello Catering Menus

Carol Costello Catering offers a variety of Menu options custom fit for your event and every budget.....

A Small Sample of Seasonal Offerings

*  Mango Gazpacho with basil lime cream fraiche.
*  Loin of Pork stuffed W Brandy soaked Figs.
*  Alaskan King Crab summer roll with Avocado and Mango salad.
*  Rack of spring Lamb with hunan glaze, oven roasted Pear, gingered Eggplant and summer Squash hash. 
*  Roasted Snapper fillet with Crab and sweet Corn gratin, Sweet Pea and Potato puree with oven Roasted Carrots.

​I would be happy to work with you on a custom seasonal menu perfectly fit for your wedding, party or event.  Please call for a personal non obligation consultation. 
We are confidant we will bring you  fresh exciting menus with exceptional service and reasonable rates....Insuring repeat customers year after year!
Est. 1978
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